Stillwater Mediator There are certain truths about divorce that are so well known that they probably do not need to be repeated: Divorce is hard. Divorce is sad. Divorce is stressful. Divorce is painful. And even, despite knowing that divorcing my spouse is the right thing to do, I still have second thoughts. Lesa Koski, an experienced Stillwater mediator, understands that every person who goes through a divorce experiences pain, vulnerability, anger, sadness and uncertainty. Her extensive knowledge about the wide-ranging experience of divorce—from the emotional to the psychological to the financial to the professional and beyond—allows her to offer you a unique combination of human support and professional assistance in her mediation services.

Navigate Your Divorce Via Mediation in Stillwater, MN

Another common experience for people who go through divorce is that they are often surprised by something they were not expecting. It is different for everyone. For you, it may be the fond memories of better times or the way your spouse folded towels or even the silly things that led to big fights. When you search for a divorce mediator to help you end your legal marriage, you may not look for someone who can understand those little things. But when you work with Lesa Koski, you will find that she does understand those little things. She also knows that the little things are seldom just little things.

Lesa Koski’s human qualities come from her natural capacity for compassion, but they are also a fundamental outgrowth of her hard-earned experience as a divorce mediator. The depth of her professional experience means that she is seldom surprised by circumstances brought to her by couples who have decided to divorce. Having seen so much, Lesa Koski is therefore able to provide options and strategies to help you and your divorcing spouse find resolution to issues that might have seemed impossible to fix just a short time ago. As your mediator, she can help facilitate positive and productive discussion about all aspects of your divorce settlement including:

  • Division of joint property
  • Creation of parenting plan
  • Determination of the need for spousal/child support payments

Experienced, Compassionate Stillwater Mediator

Lesa also understands that children are impressionable and sensitive to the matters that led to your decision to divorce. She will therefore work with you in such a way that focuses attention on the health and well-being of your kids. There is no way to prevent children from all of the effects of a marriage’s painful end, but there are ways that an experienced and qualified divorce mediator like Lesa Koski can minimize the impact.
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