If you are considering divorce mediation as an option for settling important issues related to your separation or divorce, you may be gathering information to inform your decision about how best to move forward. Divorce mediation is a very popular option and offers success rates above 75%, even for the most complicated divorces. Mediation offers an option for settling your divorce outside of the traditional court system and can help you find resolution to issues such as child custody, division of assets/debts and property and child or spousal support. Lesa Koski brings more than a decade of mediation to her clients and offers comprehensive divorce mediation services to those in and around the Hudson, Stillwater, and Woodbury, MN area.

Why Consider Divorce Mediation?

There are many benefits of mediation that you should consider as you and your divorcing spouse decide the best way to proceed with your divorce.

1. Less expensive: When you use mediation, you save significantly on court and legal fees. Some experts estimate that mediation is 30-50% less expensive than navigating the court system to settle a divorce.
2. Less time consuming: Divorce mediation usually takes 2-4 2 hours sessions to resolve any/all outstanding issues related to a divorce. In contrast, a court battle can take months, even years.
3. Less stressful: Divorce mediation allows for a resolution of your divorce outside of the court system, which is by nature adversarial. You are empowered to discuss issues that are important to your family in a positive and productive environment, rather than rely on a judge to determine your future. Mediation is much less stressful than a lengthy court battle.
4. Lays foundation for effective co-parenting: Settling a divorce is just the beginning of a new phase of your relationship with your ex-spouse. If you share children, you two will continue to co-parent long after your divorce is final. Mediation can also be used to settle issues that come up after a divorce.
5. Allows for creative solutions: Mediation empowers a couple to find solutions that meet their unique needs. You and your divorcing spouse know what is best for your family and as long as you agree and it is legal, you can think outside of the box for your solutions.
6. Completely confidential: Rather than having to air all of our dirty laundry in the middle of a courtroom, you can instead keep your private life private. Your mediator cannot be called to testify as a witness.
7. Models positive behavior for your children: During a divorce, your children are watching your every move and trying to find their footing given all of the change. Mediation gives you the opportunity to show your kids that you can find ways to compromise with your co-parent.

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