Tips For Reducing The Stress Of Your DivorceThere is no denying the fact that getting a divorce is extremely stressful for all involved. There is no way to anticipate what it will feel like, so the best strategy is to go through the process with your eyes open, looking forward (not back) and focusing on reducing the stress where you can. Here are some tips for finding ways to lessen the stress as you navigate the divorce process:

1. Do not beat yourself up: Deciding to divorce takes courage. While it may feel like a failure, you should try to reframe how you think of it. Rather than focusing on the pain that led to the divorce, focus on your future. What do you want next? How do you envision your life in 5 years, 10 years?
2. Protect time for self-care: You need to give yourself time and space to heal during and after the divorce process. This can mean different things for different people — try to find what helps you feel restored. Exercise, massages, coffee dates, shopping, and meditation are just a few ideas for you to consider.
3. Get the support you need: You may feel reluctant to “burden” your friends and family with your feelings but think about it in the reverse. If they were going through a rough time, you would WANT them to count on you for support. Lean on those people in your life for support. You can also consider joining a support group of other individuals who are going through the same issues as you.
4. Consider mediation instead of litigation: You do not have to suffer through a court battle in order to settle the terms of your divorce. You and your spouse can elect to resolve issues like division of property, child custody and spousal maintenance with the assistance of a divorce mediator. Mediation is less expensive and takes less time than litigation and can significantly reduce the overall stress of the process.

Partner With A Divorce Mediator To Navigate The Divorce Process

Lesa Koski is a family law and civil mediator who has helped many couples navigate the divorce process from start to finish. As a mediator, attorney and skilled communicator, Lesa puts her skills and experience to work to empower you to find solutions that will work best for you, rather than leaving these decisions in the hands of a judge. For more information about Lesa’s divorce mediation services, call her at 651-214-5057 or email