domestic-partners-mediation-servicesWhen working through a separation, unmarried parents and domestic partners typically have the same difficult issues as couples who are married. However, the law offers guidance for couples who are married, whereas unmarried couples don’t have the same type of support by any laws. This is not to say that unmarried couples and domestic partners will experience even more stress than married couples would during a separation. Mediation services are an ideal way for unmarried couples to come to peaceful, agreeable resolutions in their separation.

Mediation For Domestic Partners In Woodbury MN

Using mediation services, separating couples, whether married or unmarried, can choose to come together with a neutral mediator to resolve problems relating to division of property, assets, debts, and businesses, and to work out agreeable child custody issues. As an experienced divorce and family mediator in Woodbury MN, Lesa Koski, understands that the issues and emotions surrounding a separation are the same whether couples are married or not. With the assistance of a qualified, experienced mediator, separating couples who are parting due to their differences can work together to reach a mutually agreeable separation agreement while avoiding litigation and time delays.

Successful Separation Mediation For Domestic Partners

For some couples, the time during the separation period where they are working out their settlement agreement is a time of great stress, and sometimes even anger and resentment. As couples come together to express their wishes for a satisfying separation agreement, this is often a time where emotions and anger from the past can arise once again to cause disputes and turmoil. An important role of the mediator is to maintain a respectful environment and help keep both parties focused on the issues at hand rather than allow them to express any feelings that would cause disruptions and disputes during the mediation process. This type of guidance from a professional mediator is a key to the success of mediation.

Unmarried Parents Mediation Woodbury MN

Lesa Koski provides understanding mediation services for unmarried couples with children who are seeking separation mediation in Woodbury MN. Lesa Koski understands that the goal for separating couples who have children is not just to work out an agreeable settlement of child custody terms. Each parent and their children ultimately benefit from a peaceful resolution of custody where each party feels they have had the chance to openly indicate their wishes in a non confrontational environment. Each party having their say in the matter rather than having the court dictate the terms leads to a much more harmonious custody agreement.

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