Elder Law, Family Law, MediationLesa Koski has been mediating throughout her life, and decided to seek a law degree 15 years ago, where she was interested in family law and also assisting couples as a mediator as well. Her views are simple when it comes to being a successful mediator. Being able to achieve peace, calmness and a sense of control helps make mediation a less painful experience.

Couples who are unmarried or are in a domestic partnerships may feel as if their separation should be treated different than a couple seeking legal separation. Although legally it may be different, the emotional separation and logistics are oftentimes the same. Many couples have spend years and years together, have children and have acquired many joint purchases such as homes and businesses. There is just as much stress and hardship when separating as their would be signing a legal document. Being a mediator, I work with just as many married couples as I do with unmarried couples and understand the equal amount of complexities that come with ending a committed relationship.

I am able to help communicate successfully between partners in order to achieve agreement and allow for a less stressful process. Many times, the inability to effectively communicate with one another is the main cause of issues between couples, and when both parties can communicate and learn to negotiate it is able to come to agreements and have both party move forward with their life in a successful and peaceful way. Whether children are involved, property, or businesses I can help you through all of these hard decisions.

Getting an outsider to help with these decisions can allow both parties to here an objective opinion, and can allow you to see the situation in a new light. With years of experience and a multi discipline background, I have the skills to help be objective, negotiate and create a healthy situation for each couple no matter how difficult or complicated you think your personal relationship is. My goal is to provide relief for all couples, married or not. I believe trust and communication is the most important and I am here to provide you with both. Mediation is not only helpful, but can be a lot more cost effective than court, and can provide better solutions that have been decided by both parties rather than a judge.

If mediation is something that sounds like it could be helpful for you, then please give me a call. I provide everyone with a free 30 minute consultation to see if we are a good match and I can help you achieve peace.