Unmarried Partner MediatorLesa Koski offers comprehensive mediation services to couples in St. Paul, MN, including unmarried partners. Our society traditionally thinks of mediation as a tool for married couples moving toward a divorce. However, this service is not reserved only for couples who have followed the time-honored tradition of legal marriage. As our society has changed, we are finding that those who have chosen to follow a less traditional path in their relationships also have a need for mediation services.

Benefits of Mediation for Unmarried Couples in St. Paul

Though some of the legal issues are different for unmarried partners, there are many aspects of the mediation process that apply equally well to unmarried partners and to married couples. If you are in a relationship that is experiencing difficulty, you may find yourself in need of the mediation services that are offered by Lesa Koski. She can help you determine how best to divide the property you share and if you share children, Lesa can help you come up with a workable parenting plan to outline custody.

A marriage certificate is not what makes relationships complicated. The complications in our relationships exist without the formal processes we choose to follow. If you are in an unmarried relationship that is experiencing conflict, Lesa Koski can be of great assistance. Lesa’s approach to mediation with unmarried couples is essentially the same as that which she provides to married couples. There may be instances when married couples are affected differently by one law or another, but the essence of her work with all people remains consistent: Lesa provides thoughtful inquiry about the nature of the relationship and works with you to determine the best path forward.

Experienced Mediator for Unmarried Couples

When you work with Lesa Koski, you will be comforted by her kind and warm presence while experiencing the subtle benefits of her unsurpassed professionalism and knowledge of mediation techniques. Our client base is filled with people in St. Paul who come out of the mediation process feeling relief, resolution, and a readiness to move into the next chapter of their lives. Mediation allows you to solve problems without going through the courts, and to save money, time and emotional stress along the way.

Lesa Koski helps her clients address and solve problems. Unmarried couples who not only need mediation assistance, but who also have children, are equally likely to confirm the many benefits that Lesa Koski provides. Children are impacted by all aspects of their parents’ interaction, and if you are seeking mediation help, your children are positively affected by the positive effort you are making. Seeking assistance from Lesa Koski only enhances the positivity with which you enter the mediation process. Contact Lesa by calling (651) 214-5057 for more information.