Minnesota Virtual Mediation SessionsLesa Koski offers comprehensive virtual divorce mediation sessions and has developed a reputation for being kind, compassionate, and competent in the delivery of these mediation services. A new addition to the list of mediation services she offers is Virtual Mediation. We have all experienced a significant change in our society in just a few short months. How we perform many of the daily and weekly functions of life during an international health crisis remains a huge question. In addition, many of us have also realized that a pandemic does not prevent life’s other issues from needing to be addressed.

Effectiveness of Virtual Divorce Mediation Services

Fortunately, Lesa Koski’s divorce mediation services can largely be provided virtually. Nothing will ever be a perfect substitute for an effective person-to-person meeting, but until we can meet with reasonable assurance of not spreading infection, virtual mediation meetings are a great option. Lesa Koski is committed to helping her clients feel better about their circumstances by basing her communication with them in her knowledge of the law, the care and compassion for which she is known, and by being honest and forthright with you throughout the process. Whether in-person or through a computer screen, Lesa Koski is still able to provide you with the expertise and experience that has made her a highly sought-after and successful divorce mediator.

Good communicators adjust to the circumstances that they are given, and the best communicators are able to overcome limitations in ways that benefit those they are helping. Lesa Koski is an outstanding communicator. While most people might choose to hold meetings pertaining to divorce in person, when you meet with Lesa Koski virtually, you may even have to remind yourself that you are in the midst of a virtual mediation session.

Getting Divorce Even During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There are many aspects of life during an international health crisis that must be put on hold. Divorce does not have to be one of them, and thanks to Lesa Koski’s commitment to her clients’ well-being, the option of meeting virtually means that you do not necessarily have to put your divorce process on hold. Virtual mediation gives you the option of proceeding with your divorce during a time when so many familiar and accessible processes of our lives have been interrupted.

Your life has almost certainly been impacted by the health crisis. It does not need to impact your divorce. Call us at (651) 214-5057 to schedule a time for a free consultation.