Woodbury Elder Law Attorney in MinnesotaMultiple research studies indicate that more and more adult children are serving as the primary caretakers for their parents. These studies also indicate that the stress experienced by those adult-children caretakers can have a significant and negative impact on their health.  Caring for a loved-one has its own costs, regardless of one’s willingness to provide it or the feelings of love and positive obligation that inform it. There are ways for caretakers to find relief from that stress and partnering with an elder law attorney is one way. Lesa Koski specializes in helping families in Woodbury, MN navigate all parts of this potentially difficult elder law legal process so that you can focus on making sure that your loved one has the care they need.

Medical Assistance Planning

Perhaps the most immediate source of relief comes from medical assistance planning.  Creating a medical assistance plan early pays dividends later, in that medical assistance plans pay for various kinds of health issues faced by the elderly people in our lives.  If early planning has not been completed, it is not too late to start the process. If you and your elderly loved one have not yet created a medical assistance plan, Lesa Koski has the experience and expertise to help you.

Creation of Health Care Directives

Another health-related aspects of good planning is the creation of health care directives.  A health care directive is a legal document that determines the kind of care your loved-one will receive at the end of their life.  It is a vitally important part of ensuring that your loved-one’s wishes are honored if and when they are no longer able to express those wishes for themselves.  Creating a health care directive helps to avoid confusion and stress when inevitable end-of-life circumstances appear, and Lesa can help you create a directive that is clear and expressive of your loved-one’s wishes.

Power of Attorney

It is also often necessary to address questions of power of attorney when discussing elder law.  Power of attorney allows a trusted other—often the adult-child caretaker—to make legal decisions and/or sign contracts on behalf of their elderly loved-one.  Lesa Koski can offer you excellent counsel as to how to establish power of attorney as well as its scope and limitations.

Estate Planning

Finally, if your circumstances also involve simple estate planning, Lesa Koski can be helpful in that regard too.  Some aspects of resolving issues of your loved-one’s estate may prompt questions about conservatorships and guardianships, which may be directly connected to power of attorney.  Every person’s situation is at least slightly different from every other, but Lesa Koski has the knowledge of Minnesota elder law to help you and your loved-one understand all of your options.

Experienced Elder Law Attorney, Woodbury, MN

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