Woodbury Lawyers | Elder, Family & Mediation MNElder and family law is a unique and specialized area of law. It deals with issues that are extremely personal and that have a significant impact on one’s day to day life. Lesa Koski has devoted her entire legal career to elder and family law and mediation in Woodbury, MN, in part because of her deep compassion for individuals and families. She brings great care, empathy and knowledge of Minnesota law to each case she takes on and uses her strong communication skills to help families solve complex problems.

Minnesota Elder, Family Law and Mediation Services

Some of the most common legal issues that Lesa focuses on in the area of family law and mediation include divorce mediation, co-mediation, post-divorce mediation, divorce coaching, general divorce support, and spousal maintenance. In addition, in the area of elder law, Lesa can help you navigate issues such as establishing a power of attorney, simple estate planning, creating a health care directive, beginning medical assistance planning as well as conservatorships and guardianships. If you have a need in this area, Lesa is an excellent Minnesota legal resource.

Lesa’s clients love working with her because she is patient, kind, competent and trustworthy. Her communication style is clear and concise, so she is very good at explaining legal issues to her clients and answering their questions. She understands that many of the issues related to family and elder law are complex, personal and bring up emotion for all involved. As a trained mediator and family lawyer, she has a unique way of reaching out to her clients and finding areas of common ground.

Navigate Legal Issues with Less Conflict

Very often in the area of family and elder law, the ultimate goal is to stay out of a courtroom. A court battle can increase overall conflict and make a situation more adversarial. Mediation and negotiation can instead decrease conflict and focus on compromise, so that relationships can be protected and preserved. Lesa can help you achieve your goals without fueling conflict.  She uses her extensive professional legal and mediation experience to help families solve problems.

If you live in the Woodbury, MN area and have an issue that falls into Lesa’s area of expertise, reach out to her by phone at 651-214-5057 or by email at lesa@lesakoski.com. Her office is conveniently located on Bielenberg Drive in Woodbury and she would be delighted to meet with you and your family members to discuss the issues that are on your mind.