Woodbury MediatorLesa Koski is a Woodbury Mediator who has earned a reputation for helping her clients find workable solutions to problems that, prior to mediation, seem impossible to solve. Mediation is a better solution for many conflicts involving family members, including married couples who might otherwise proceed through the court system to finalize the terms of their divorce. The court system is designed to be more adversarial, as is evidenced by the prominence of lawyers who represent one party versus another in divorce cases. Not only do couples who pursue divorce through the courts pay a great deal more money to finalize their divorces in the court system, they typically lack input about decisions related to division of debt and assets, child custody, visitation, and other matters of great importance.

Why Choose Mediation?

When you work with a mediator, however, you will find that the conflict resolution process is designed to work well because of your input and the sharing of your perspectives. An excellent mediator like Lesa Koski facilitates the process so that you understand the implications of each of your decisions, and when disputes are difficult to resolve, she can offer expertise in providing the information and resources necessary for you to make informed decisions.

Mediation is provided by a professional who is trained to provide neutral guidance. Neutrality does not mean that the mediator does not care about the people with whom she is working; it means that she works to understand the desired outcomes of you and your divorcing spouse and balances those desired outcomes with the guidelines and limitations provided by Minnesota divorce law. Your divorce mediator is invested in the best possible outcomes for you and your spouse.

Experienced Woodbury Mediation Professional

The time, energy, and care that Lesa lends to her clients can help them understand that they made the correct choice when deciding to work with her. More people than ever are choosing divorce mediation over the court-based process of divorce. Lesa Koski has extensive experience as a Woodbury Mediator, working closely with couples and families to help them move forward with their lives. She uses her training and natural strength as a communicator to build trust and lessen the overall stress of a conflict. When Lesa Koski was earning her law degree, she took an interest in mediation as a means of applying the law to maximize the benefit to her clients. Her hard work paid off and she has been providing formal, professional divorce mediation ever since. To schedule time with her, call Lesa at (651) 214-5057.